We will

We will simplify matters.
Our mission

Our mission

Help SMEs simplify and automate tedious administrative tasks while developing customized software that:

  • integrates, processes and automatically interprets intricate cross-classified data (billing, room rentals, etc.)
  • makes them accessible and intelligible through a user-friendly interface (computer, web or mobile)

Automate your processes

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operating costs resulting from your operations
  • Focus on developing your business
The time saved thanks to the optimization of the rental and billing of our meeting room by (rho) Technology allowed us to focus our energy on our strategic objectives.

Our Clients

Techno Vogue Inc.
Martin Jutras, Designer Web
Mao – Créateur d'impact
Logixim inc.
Johnson Controls Inc.
Interforce Marketing Inc.
Hôpital général juif - Jewish General Hospital
Fluotonic - Web solutions
Epic Armoury Unlimited
Clairmount Auto Inc.
Lalonde Logistics Inc.

About us

As computer enthusiasts and programming devotees, we created (rho) Technology with the desire to help other companies simplify and automate complex management processes.

(rho) Technology has made a solid reputation among SMEs by offering simple, effective and tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with the overall existing processes.

Since our inception, we distinguished ourselves by the reliability and the quality of our products, along with the warranty that we offer.

We are proud to say that the solutions developed with our customers have enabled many companies to stand out from the competition and the expansion in their respective fields.